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Music lessons

for kids.

About Us

Brisbane music lessons with Symphony Music

We deliver a customized, informative and super fun lesson. 

Music for your kid.

Our lessons are super fun, practical and catered for each student.
By learning music, they are training their brain and enlightening their soul.




Single Student Music Lessons

Weekly individual lessons where your child will be able to interact and learn from one of our tutors. The lessons are customised to suit the needs of each student. We focus on developing the appropriate techniques, building repertoire, theory, plus whatever else each particular case requires.

Small Group Music Classes

Learning with friends!!! Symphony Music offers group lessons. Lessons will have 2 or 3 students organised by the music teacher according to the students' level.

What We Offer

Instruments we teach.




Music is not a "thing".
It is an action 👉
Smarter Kids 😉

Children that learn a musical instrument before the age of seven develop, on average, an IQ 7.5 points higher. Learning a musical instrument helps students with learning disorders by establishing better communication between the brain's right and left hemisphere.

It does all of these 👇
  • It helps students with ADHD by training the brain to coordinate and process the motor, visual, and auditory cortex.

  • It helps students with autism to understand cues and better process information.

  • It helps students to understand and learn new languages.

  • It helps students in writing and reading.

  • It helps students in solving mathematical problems.

  • It helps students in relaxation.

  • It helps students in improving their ability to concentrate and focus.

Why Us
Boys in Guitar Class

Symphony Music offers students a unique learning platform of music education with world-class musicians plus a unique industry development experience.

Practicing Guitar

Free Trial Lesson

Book your child for a free trial lesson. It's the best way to introduce them to the instrument -  No commitment 🙃

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School Kids

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  • What times are the lessons?
    The instrumental lessons happen in schools and during school hours. Students will miss some classroom time to have their instrumental lessons. We work with the schools and classroom teachers to ensure the instrumental lessons don’t clash with any specialist classes or important school activities.
  • Can the lessons be before or after school?
    Some teachers offer lessons before and after school. That will need to be discussed on a case by case situation as it will depend on the teacher’s and school's availability
  • Does Symphony Music offer private home lessons?
    No. All our lessons happen in the school facilities.
  • Once I enrol my child when will be the first lesson?
    Once we receive the enrolment form, our team will send the parents some paperwork, including our agreement and payment link set-up. Once these are finalized, the instrumental teacher will be in touch to let the parent/responsible know the date for the first lesson.
  • How does the payment work?
    Payment is done by Direct Debit. Invoices are sent on a termly basis and parents can pay in one sum, weekly or fortnightly. We don’t accept direct bank transfers or payments over the phone.
  • What If we miss a lesson?
    We need a 24-hour notice to give the parents a credit lesson, a catch-up class or a refund. The lesson will be forfeited if we don’t receive a 24-hour notice. In case of sickness in the morning of the lesson, we ask the parent to contact the instrumental teacher as soon as possible and we will try to reschedule the lesson. Rescheduling a missed lesson will not always be possible.
  • Why did I send an enrolment form but didn’t receive any reply?
    If you submitted an enrolment form but didn’t hear back from us, please check your spam emails. If you don’t see any communication from us there, please email us back or give us a call.
  • Which Instrument should you buy?
    The following are some recommendations from our tutors. Guitar - For prep to grade 1, a half-size classical guitar; for grade 2 to grade 5, a ¾ size classical guitar; from grade 6 and older, a steel or classical full-size guitar. Brands – Yamaha, Valencia, Aston, Artist, Fender, Takamine, Gibson, Ibanez. Piano/Keyboard - For a practice instrument, your two main options are either a 61-key electronic keyboard or an 88-key digital piano. The main difference is that a digital piano has the same number of keys as a real piano, and they are weighted so they feel like the real thing too. For young beginners, the 61-key digital keyboard would be great for at least a few years, but you'll probably need to upgrade eventually. If you get a 61-key keyboard, please make sure it has touch-sensitive keys, as it is a crucial feature that some cheap models don't have. Given the price difference, it's really up to each parent, but here are our recommendations for each: 61-key electronic keyboard - Casio CTS100 Casiotone Keyboard 88-key digital piano - Casio CDP-S110 Digital Piano – Black (CDPS110BK) Those two are the cheapest options that will get the job done well. They are good instruments and built well. More expensive instruments can be a little nicer and have more features, but for a beginner, it doesn't matter a lot. The Australian Piano Warehouse has a great range of trusted brands like Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, and Casio. They also have options for renting. In addition, you may want to get a keyboard stand. Drums - You have the option of an acoustic Drum Kit or an electronic Drum Kit. Acoustic Drum Kit: Ludwig Pocket Kit By Questlove - This is a beginner-friendly kit designed by Questlove of The Roots. It’s compact and comes with cymbals, hardware, and even access to online lessons. Pearl Roadshow - Pearl is known for its quality, and the Roadshow series is a great beginner set. It’s a full-sized, complete kit with everything you need to start playing. Electric Drum Kit: Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit - The Alesis Nitro Mesh is a popular among beginners. It has meshheads for a more realistic feel and is quiet, making it apartment-friendly. It also comes with 40 different kits and 385 sounds. Roland TD-1K - Roland is a top name in electric drums, and the TD-1K is a great starter set. It has multiple coaching functions and built-in kits that are great for learning. Violin - For beginner violin, the recommended brands are Enrico and Prelude. Enrico can be purchased from Vivace Music or Simply for Strings, Prelude is just from Simply for Strings. One thing we would like to point out is that by buying a violin online from a shop that doesn't have a physical store, the violin may not come set up properly or even at all. Vivace and Simply for Strings rent out their violins; the price depends on the model. Renting is good if the parent is unsure if their child wants to continue or if the child is growing quickly, it might be good to rent. For sizes, most of our students have a 1/2-size violin, but some with longer arms have a 3/4. If the student is quite small, they should look for a 1/4 size.



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PO Box 387, Spring Hill, QLD 4004

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1300 153 331

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