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Music Class

Terms & Conditions

Symphony Music Policies                                                                                             

1. Missing Lessons

  • A 24-hour notice is required to reschedule lessons, including school activities and

excursions. As external contractors, it's important to note that we may not always be

informed by the school about all scheduled activities.


  • The cancelled lesson will earn you 1 lesson credit, which can be carried over beyond

the term.

  • No-shows for a rescheduled lesson will result in the forfeiture of the lesson credit.

  • If less than 24-hour notice is given, the unattended lesson will not be replaced, and the

fee is forfeited.

  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the lesson may not occur, and no lesson

credit will be given.

  •  If the Symphony Music Educator is more than 15 minutes late or absent, you will earn 1

lesson credit, and the lesson will be rescheduled.

In case of sickness, please inform the instrumental teacher before 8 am. While we will

make efforts to accommodate last-minute cancellations, rescheduling may not always

be feasible. Symphony Music bears no obligation to refund or reschedule lessons in

such instances.

2. Whole Term Enrollment

  • Enrolment is termly, and students are expected to attend lessons until the end of the

school term.

  • Parents are charged for the entire term, and fees are non-refundable if a student

decides to stop lessons before the term ends.

  • If a student begins lessons midway through the term, parents will be charged from the

initial scheduled lesson of the mid-term until the conclusion of that term.

3. Media Release

  •  Upon becoming a Symphony Music client, you provide consent for Symphony Music to utilise your child's name, picture, or voice for promotional purposes. Please inform us if you prefer your child's image not to be used.

4. Payment by Direct Debit Only

  • Symphony Music only accepts payment via Direct Debit - WE DO NOT ACCEPT


  • The lesson will commence only after the client has successfully set up their direct

debit account with Ezidebit.

  • Each lesson is priced individually, inclusive of GST. Payment options encompass full-

term payments, two monthly instalments, or weekly/fortnightly payments.

  • Payment includes the number of lessons plus admin fees, with the first payment

incorporating Symphony Music learning material at $15.

  • The client consents for Symphony Music to continue the use of the provided payment

information for ongoing students.

  • The client is required to inform Symphony Music promptly about any changes to their

bank account/credit card information.

  • No split payment for separated parents/guardians; payment must come from the

same account.

  • Symphony Music accepts responsibility for billing discrepancies and commits to promptly refunding collected fees, including associated bank and administrative fees.

The client acknowledges that third-party payment processor Ezidebit may impose administrative fees, subject to change at Ezidebit's discretion. Any fee increases during the contractual period are borne by the Client.

Late payment fee: $6.60 per unsuccessful transaction.

Direct debit fee: $0.66 per bank account transaction, 1.85% per Visa/Mastercard transaction, and 3.40% per Amex transaction.

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