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Music Class

Terms & Conditions

Symphony Music Policies                                                                                               

1- Missing Lessons
A 24-hour notice is required to have the lesson rescheduled, including school activities and excursions.
  • The cancelled lesson will earn you 1 lesson credit.

  • Lesson credits can be carried over beyond the end of a term.

  • If the student is a no show for a rescheduled lesson, you will forfeit that lesson credit.

In case a less than 24-hour notice or no notice is given, the unattended lesson will not be replaced and the fee paid for the lesson is forfeited.

If the student is more than 15 minutes late, the lesson may not happen, and Symphony Music will give the student no lesson credit.

In case Symphony Music Educator is more than 15 min late or absent, you will earn 1 lesson credit. The lesson will be rescheduled to a time suitable for the student/parent.

In the case of sickness, we ask you to inform the instrumental teacher before 8 am. We will do our best to reschedule the lesson; however, rescheduling a last-minute cancellation will not always be possible.
2 - Whole term enrolment
Enrolment with Symphony Music is on a termly basis.

Students are expected to attend lessons until the end of the school term. In case the student no longer wishes to continue, they should conclude the term, and the parents/responsible notify Symphony Music of the cancellation for the following term.

Parents/responsible will be charged for the whole term. If the student commences the lessons midterm, parents will be charged from the first lesson midterm until the end of that term. If a student decides to stop coming for the lesson before the end of the term, the fees will not be refunded.

Once enrolled with Symphony Music, the student will be automatically enrolled for the following terms for the remaining of that year. In case the student no longer wishes to continue for the next term, a written notice to is required.

3 – Media Release

By signing this document, you agree to give Symphony Music, their assigns, licensees and legal representatives the irrevocable right to use your child/children’s name, picture, visual likeness, or voice in all forms and media in all manners, including photo, film, audio and video representations, public purposes. You waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product that may be created in connection therewith.


In case you don’t want Symphony Music using your child’s image, you can let us know, and Symphony Music will not use your child’s image.
4 – Payment by Direct Debit Only
Symphony Music's payment method is by Direct Debit only; WE DO NOT WORK WITH DIRECT BANK TRANSFER.

The DD will be calculated by the number of lessons on each term plus admin fees, which can vary depending on the number of instalments and bank account or credit card use. The first payment will also include Symphony Music learning material - $12 Display Folder and/or $12 Music Notebook.

You consent that Symphony Music uses the same payment information provided previously for each new term for ongoing students.
If you change your bank account/ credit card information, you must provide the new payment details to Symphony Music.

Symphony Music will communicate when the payment transaction will happen.

NO SPLIT PAYMENT. For separated parents/guardians, one student’s total amount will need to come from the same bank account or credit card.

Each lesson is valued at its price + GST. Options:

1. Payment for the full school term, calculated according to the number of lessons in the term + GST.
2. Payment in 2 monthly instalments, calculating the full amount, dividing it by two and adding GST.
3. Payment made weekly or fortnightly. Calculating the full amount and dividing it into weekly or fortnightly payments finishing at the end of the term. The number of instalments will vary depending on each term.

A direct Debit fee of $0.66 will apply for each bank account transaction. 1.85% per each Visa/Mastercard transaction. 3.40% per each Amex transaction.
A late payment fee of $6.60 will apply for each unsuccessful transaction.
Symphony Music will take responsibility for any mischarge and prompt refund the collected fee and any bank and administrative fees resulting from it.

This is not a lock-in contract.

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